The third class has two missions: first of all, children deepen and improve all knowledge and skills they acquired in the previous years (in the first and second class). Secondly, children are prepared for the first class of the elementary school. The third class is a part of pre-school education, so the educational process has mainly a form of games and practical exercises, while there is a large room for oral expression.

This year, our class has participated in various projects, e.g. we prepared posters together with children from the second class during our art classes. In addition, lessons taught in Slovak and English which are focused on discovering their surroundings (cooking, discovering the human body, learning about seasons of the year, etc.) are a part of the curricula, of the so-called non-language subjects. 

There will be two new projects organised this school year. The topic of the first one is education focused on environmental protection; the second one will be focused on opening ourselves to cultures of five continents.

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