The mission of the kindergarten is incorporated in one basic cycle which is a common starting point for all levels (from the section for the smallest children up to pre-schoolers). The aim is to help children successfully perform all educational tasks and at the same time to accompany them during all changes they undergo, taking into consideration their healthy development.

We help children progress by applying the following pedagogical procedures:

-           learning by playing;

-           learning by thinking and solving problems;

-           learning by practicing;

-           learning by heart and repeating what they have learned.


The educational process is divided into 6 major areas:

-           learning to live together in a group;

-           developing the language in all areas;

-           acting, expressing themselves, understanding through physical activities;

-           acting, expressing themselves, understanding through artistic activities;

-           understanding certain rules and respecting the determined borders;

-           discovering the life of living creatures, objects and substance.


The language of communication in the classroom is French, but use of the mother tongue is acceptable, if necessary.

For children aged 4+ there is an option to have a certain number of lessons when either Slovak or English is spoken, namely 3 hours weekly for each of the above-mentioned languages.

Any questions?

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