Second stage with a European section

Curricula for the second stage are prepared in line with the mission of the French International School: they are based on language instruction which goes hand in hand with the French culture and educational system.
The key to success of our European section lies in three basic principles:

  1. considerable proportion of language instruction during all four years of study in the second stage: 3 modern languages starting from the fifth class;
  2. more intensive instruction of the English language and its use in non-language subjects: in the 6th class it is physical education and sports, i.e. 9 lessons weekly altogether;
  3. and finally, as a part of the School Project, we annually organize cultural and language stays in English-speaking or European countries.


Education in harmony with two curricula

We are proud that our Slovak-speaking pupils have the option to study in line with both French and Slovak curricula.
Elementary-school studies finish with an examination: DNB (Diplôme National du Brevet - national diploma) in the case of the French curricula and the so-called "Monitor" in the case of the Slovak curricula. Pupils who study in line with two curricula have the option to acquire two certificates of graduation. Thanks to that, they may choose if they wish to continue in one or the other school system at their secondary school.

Any questions?

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