Dear parents, dear friends of the French School in Bratislava,

firstly, we would like to sincerely thank to all of you who have remitted the 2% of the payed income tax to our school last year.

This legal provision of the Slovak Republic enables each taxpayer (either natural or legal person) to voluntarily assign the 2% of their payed income tax of the previous year 2017 to one of the non-profit organisations registered in the central list of recipients at the Public Notary’s Chamber of the Slovak Republic which includes also our Association for the French School in Bratislava.

If the taxpayer shall not choose to assign the 2% of their tax income to one of the registered organizations,  the 2% shall be normally allocated to the State. Please note that the remittance of the tax income to the organization remains anonymous and that the sums are credited consecutively from April to December.


Please don’t hesitate and specify in your Statement of 2017 the Association for the French School in Bratislava as the chosen recipient of the 2% of income tax.

You may also suggest it to your friends, colleagues and others who also might be interested in supporting us.

How do we administer the received financial means :

- purchase of school supplies such as textbooks, exercise books and other educational items for all classes,

- purchase of literature to the school’s library in all languages taught,

- supplies for sport activities - such as skating, swimming, climbing etc.

- renovation of the IT facilities,

- purchase of school facilities to our classrooms.

How to proceed :

If you are an employee:

by 15 February: ask your employer to issue the Confirmation on tax remittance (Potvrdenie o zaplatení dane),

-  complete the form Statement on assigning a proportion of the payed tax specifying your name, ID number, residence, and the sum calculated out of 2% of payed tax income (3€ minimum) and please do not forget to date the duly signed form,

by 30 April serve the Statement on assigning a proportion of the payed tax  together with the issued Confirmation on tax remittance to the Fiscal Bureau correspondent to your current residence or directly to the central Office : Daňový úrad Bratislava, Ševčenkova 32, 850 00 Bratislava 5.


If you are self-employed or a legal person (business entity) :

Specify in your Declaration of tax income (by 31 March 2018 - also in the case of deferment of submitting the Declaration) the data of the recipient - the Association for the French School in Bratislava :

IČO (registration number) : 30846510
Právna forma (legal entity) : Občianske združenie

Obchodné meno (trade name) :  Združenie pre francúzsku školu v Bratislave

Sídlo  - Ulica (Residence - Street) :   M. C. Sklodowskej
Súpisné / orientačné číslo (street number) : 1
PSČ (post code): 851 04
Obec (city) : Bratislava

Please note that your business company may assign to our school up to 1% of the taxes payed to the Slovak Republic in 2017.

A self-employed (Declaration of tax income form B) may assign 2% of their payed taxes.

In case of any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email  or by phone  0917 801 326.

We would like to thank in advance to all of those who spend their time with this matter aiming to support us.

Management Committee

of the Association for the French School in Bratislava

Marie Curie Sklodowskej 1

851 04 Bratislava


Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone at +421 905 944 664.