Dear parents, Dear friends of the French International School of Bratislava (EFIB),

First, we would like to sincerely thank all those who paid their 2% income tax last year to our Association for a French School in Bratislava and for the benefit of our children's school.

This provision of the Slovak State allows each taxpayer to allocate 2% of the amount of tax paid, to associations recognized as public and approved. In the absence of designation of an association, these 2% remain acquired by the State.

The associations that can benefit from this tax benefit, must be registered with the Slovak authorities and justify the use of this donation. Our Association for a French School in Bratislava is one of these associations.

Do not hesitate to choose us! You can also send this message to your friends, colleagues, acquaintances who would be likely to support our Franco-Slovak establishment.

In 2018, your support helped:

- The purchase of school supplies and equipment for classes
- The acquisition of books in all the languages taught & subscriptions for our documentation centre
- Sporting activities: skating, swimming...
- The renewal of certain equipment for the computer park
- The purchase of school furniture

How to support the EFIB?

1 / You are an employee:

Before February 15: Ask your primary employer to complete your Income Tax Return. It will provide you after March 31 with a Certificate of payment of taxes - POTVRDENIE o zaplateni dane.

Fill out the document VYHLASENIE o poukazani podielu (already completed with the contact details of the Association for a French School in Bratislava). Do not forget to date it and sign it!

If you wish to inform us of your donation of 2%, please check the corresponding box indicating your agreement for the transmission of your details to our association.

No later than 30 April: Send these 2 documents (Potvrdenie and Vyhlasenie) to the tax office of which you are dependent, or directly to the central - Daňový úrad Bratislava, Ševčenkova 32, 850 00 Bratislava 5.

2 / You are not an employee but an individual entrepreneur or company:

Your company can thus allocate to our establishment up to 1% of the amount of taxes paid to the Slovak State for the financial year 2018. For self-entrepreneurs (type B tax return): 2% of the amount of taxes to be paid.

Contact details of the Association for a French School in Bratislava to indicate on your tax return:

IČO / SID: 30846510
Právna forma / Legal form: Občianske združenie
Obchodné meno / Nom:  Združenie pre francúzsku školu v Bratislave
Sídlo - ulica: M. C. Sklodowskej
Súpisné / orientačné číslo: 1
PSČ: 851 04
Obec: Bratislava  

We remain at your disposal to answer your questions: / 0917 801 326.

Many thanks in advance to all those who will support us.

Management Office of the Association for a French School in Bratislava




Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone at +421 905 944 664.