Fifth grade

Fifth class in the school year 

The fifth class is the last one in the cycle of deepening the knowledge and skills (cycle 3) and it prepares pupils for  the second stage of the elementary school. Basics of mathematics and French are most important: each pupil must master them in detail... nonetheless, maturity of the personality of your child is equally important!

The main goal of the fifth class is to prepare pupils for transition to the second stage of the elementary school. In order to be able to achieve the goal, throughout the school year we will extend and deepen the knowledge and skills which pupils acquired in previous years in different areas: French, mathematics, modern languages, science and technology, history/geology, civil education, artistic skills and history of art, physical education and sports, etc.

As for sports education, pupils have 2 cycles every year (each one in the extent of 10 training lessons) under the supervision of professional sports instructors. This year we have opted for swimming and skating.


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