First grade

What do we do in the first class?

In the so-called "preparatory class" ("cours préparatoire" – CP) children learn to read, write and count.

The main educational objectives in the first class is to learn to read and write, deepen the knowledge in the French language, become familiar with numbers and understand their significance, write records and learn to count with basic numbers).


Instruction in the first class is organised in the following projects:


1. Pupils read and write in communication with their pen-friends.


2. They make measurements and calculations necessary for cooking (for example).



Physical education and sports have an important place in school activities.

Pupils in the first class have various sports cycles: gymnastics, light athletics, first contact with team sports, ice-skating, swimming, etc.



Children in the first class also learn modern languages: French, English and Slovak.


They also continue learning about their surroundings.

  1. Scientific activities: the class participates in various scientific challenges.




  1. Pupils become familiar with their immediate surroundings - with their school, later with the city of Bratislava.

     They walk around the town and learn about historical landmarks.


  1. They also learn about the world of nature.

They observe changes which a germinating seed and later a growing plant undergoes.



The first-class curricula also include art. Pupils paint, draw, model and sing.

 Participation in the Grande Lessive project ("Great Laundry": international cultural project in which pupils make various works of art and display them hanging on a rope similarly to laundry, translator´s note).


In the first class we also organize a several-day school trip in Donovaly scheduled for May.

Any questions?

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