Fourth grade

The fourth class is very rich in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

During French lessons children learn to conjugate regular and irregular verbs in tenses included in the curricula (present tense, imperfect tense, compound past tense, simple future tense).

As for their oral expression, we stimulate pupils to express their opinions using their own words. We want them to be able to explain their opinions and support them with one or several arguments.

Throughout the year we revise homonyms, improving the spelling skills of pupils.

Clauses - individual types and their functions in the sentence - form an important part of instruction focused on grammar. Dictations, essays, group and individual reading of literary works as well as reciting poetry are regularly included in the timetable.

In mathematics we introduce a number of new terms. As for arithmetics, pupils learn to count up to one billion, use 4 basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We also deal with the rule of proportion, fractions and decimals.

In geometry we emphasize the use of terminology and exactness of technical drawing. The subject matter covers a circle, angles, symmetry and bodies.

Pupils revise various units of measurement, such as euro, units of length, weight, volume and time.

History lessons cover a period of approximately thousand years, from establishment of Francia until the century of Enlightenment.

Thegeography curricula are focused on France in the European space. Nonetheless, we always try to find connection between the territory of France and the host country of our French school, i.e. Slovakia.

As for physical education and sports, pupils are already more skillful and coordinate their movements better so they may become familiar with team sports, such as floorball, basketball or badminton. The advantage of our school is the fact that there is an indoor swimming pool and a skating rink in the vicinity. 

As for experimental sciences and technology, pupils of our school participate in various scientific competitions organised by various schools. A number of topics are discussed in English - as a part of non-language subjects - such as energies or the solar system.

Lessons of informatics take place in a computer classroom where pupils exercise various basic tasks which they have to master in order to acquire the Internet and Computer User Certificate - level 1 (B2i).

English teaching continues, while conversation in a dialogue form and written expression are practiced more often. We are glad that we can welcome Charlie, a native English lecturer.

Pupils make a number of walks and trips which supplement their knowledge acquired in the classroom and bring answers to curious children´s questions. Children get to know Bratislava, make trips to see interesting things out of the capital, visit museums or participate in creative workshops.

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