The first stage of the elementary school has 5 classes (classes 1 to 5) and is divided into 2 cycles:

-    cycle of teaching basic knowledge (classes 1, 2 and 3);
-   cycle of deepening their knowledge (classes 4 and 5).

Teaching basic knowledge is based on two main directions:

•    mastering the speech and the French language;
•    civil education.

In the first and second class, children deepen their knowledge in the following areas:

•    Slovak (2 to 4 lessons a week) and English language (3 lessons a week, out of that 1 lesson as a part of non-language subjects);
•    mathematics;
•    getting to know the surrounding word (basics of science);
•    art (painting and music);
•    physical education and sports.

In the classes 3, 4 and 5 there are new educational areas:

•    literature;
•    history and geology;
•    experimental sciences;
•    the world of technology.

We use information and communication technologies as tools during various school activities. After pupils have mastered them, they may receive an Internet and Computer User Certificate - level 1 (B2i).

The school takes into consideration the variability and uniqueness of skills of each child. Along with the ability to reason and to think, we develop the sense of observing, the wish to experiment, perception, physical abilities and creative imagination of children.

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