Second grade

Second class

What do children learn in the second class?

The educational objective of the second class is to deepen the acquired knowledge and skills in reading and writing. They also learn simple mathematic operations.

During French lessons, pupils continue learning to read and become familiar with more complex sounds. They also write more and practice their individual written expression.

Pupils start studying grammar, look for verbs, nouns and adjectives in sentences, become familiar with grammar phenomena such as concordance or conjugation of frequently used verbs...

During maths lessons, pupils in this class become familiar with more complex arithmetic operations (adding and subtracting hundreds, multiplying, etc.) During geometry lessons, they learn to define different shapes and their qualities. They deal with more complex mathematic tasks in which they should determine what arithmetic operation must be made.

During basics of science, pupils continue deepening their knowledge (orientation in time and space, getting to know the surrounding environment). Through various "challenges" proposed to them by the teacher, pupils make observations, practical exercises and experiments. During civil and ethical education lessons, they learn to be more responsible and independent.


This year we participate in  scientific "challenges" in which we will compete with other French schools. We have skating and swimming scheduled for our sports lessons.



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