Foreword of the Principal

The French International School in Bratislava belongs to the network of school establishments administered by the Agency for French Education Abroad. This network comprises 495 schools in 137 countries, attended by over 330,000 students of all nationalities. Our school establishment also belongs to the Slovak school network and this enables our students to be educated in line with both French and Slovak curricula.

This diversity of origin is one of our strong points: a number of journeys, a number of cultural legacies; however, for parents of these children it is mainly our joint effort to offer rigorous education and caring treatment at the same time.

Our ambition is to educate people for the future, open to the world, independent and responsible. Our language policy, our cultural range, our demands and our effort to have excellent achievements perfectly reflect the policy of our school. Children entrusted to our care will acquire perfect knowledge of the French language and love for the French culture, as well as knowledge of many other languages (including the Slovak and English). Thanks to the French school curricula, they will be given everything what represents a strong point of our culture when it opens to the world.

Geneviève MENOURET


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