The French International School in Bratislava is a school establishment pursuant to the Slovak law and it is a non-profit organisation managed by parents of children in the form of voluntary work.

The Management is elected each year at a General Assembly of the parents´ meeting. The Management presents an Annual Report of its activities during the General Assembly meeting.

The Management is composed of a president, one or several vice-president, treasurer, secretary and one or several members.

The main role of the Management is administrative and financial management of the school (the director of the kindergarten, appointed by the AEFE, is responsible for the pedagogical part).

The work of the Management is facilitated by several committees. These committees are composed of one or several members of the management, representatives of employees of the kindergarten and invited experts who may contribute with their experience in the particular area.

Please find examples of such committees below:

  • Committee of Employees: deals with social benefits, wage tables, working conditions.
  • Club Committee: deals with new proposed activities as well as investments necessary for improving club activities.

The Management meets at school management meetings attended by directors of individual sections and employees, depending on the specified agenda of the meeting.

Decisions important for the school life are made during such meetings:

  • hiring new employees as proposed by the principal;
  • approving expenditures on everyday activities of the school;
  • solidarity fund to assist families in need;
  • organising various events (football tournament, open days, etc.).

The Management also acts as a partner in communication with Slovak and French authorities.

In addition, it is in regular contact with the French Embassy and with representatives of the Ministry of Education of SR.



Any questions?

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