School board

Role and competences of the School Board

(circular 2415/AEFE of 27 September 2011)

The scope of powers of the School Board covers everything related to the educational life of the school. However, the School Board does not perform the managing function of the Agency for French Education Abroad (in educational matters which are in its competence, such as the content of curricula, preparation of exams, education of school workers, fundamental issues related to direction and reforms of the educational system) which also performs the function of an administrative authority (issues related to financing and material equipment).

The School Board adopts and approves:

  1. Internal Rules of the school (after consultation with supervisory and administrative bodies – this applies to provisions which could have a financial impact);
  2. School Project the educational part of which is based on proposals of teachers;
  3. timetable and school year calendar
  4. policy related to education and educational consultancy;
  5. continuous education plan.


The School Board may comment on the following issues:

  • proposals of changes in school structures;  
  • structure of classes and pedagogical innovation;
  • measures related to inclusion of children in the school establishment (creation, transformation or cancelling places);
  • activities of associations and clubs operating within the school with respect to possible use of the school premises;
  • school operation, quality of life at school, conditions for securing safety, hygiene and health protection;
  • issues related to visits of parents in the school and provision of information to them;
  • planning school trips;
  • boarding in the school canteen (if the canteen is under the competence of the school);
  • possible admission and care for disabled students.


The School Board is informed of the school budget and its financial situation.

In addition, the School Board may, on its own initiative or at the incentive of the principal, express its opinion on any issues related to the school life.

On one hand, the School Board performs the function of a school discussion platform where members of the school community may exchange their opinions related to the school life. The School Board is a place for sharing information, confronting opinions and looking for consensus in general interest.

On the other hand, opinions of the School Board may help in decision-making regarding issues in its competence (on request of the principal or a majority of its members).

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