The project of this establishment

Strong values

  • Excellent level of education, personalized curricula.
  • Multilingualism*.
  • Openness towards the host country, delivering the French culture.
  • Developing creative skills and supporting the expression of students´ personalities through active artistic creation.
  • Sports as an important part of development of students´ personalities, balance or socializing.
  • Solidarity and respect of others, respecting their differences.

*Language instruction - key element of our project:

  • French for all, French language of instruction at all levels.  
  • Slovak for all, instruction in line with  individual educational programme of each student.
  • English for all, starting from the second year of the kindergarten (children aged 4+).
  • Optional fourth language (German or Spanish) starting from the sixth class of the elementary school.

Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone at +421 905 944 664.