Education in cycle 1 (PS, MS, GS)

The Kindergarten program is that of the French National Education.

It organizes the teaching of the CYCLE OF FIRST LEARNING over three years :

  • Petite section : PS – 10th year of the child
  • Moyenne section : MS – 10th year of the child
  • Grande section : GS – 10th year of the child


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It addresses five areas of learning :

  • mobilizing language in all its dimensions
  • act, express themselves, understand through physical activity
  • act, express themselves, understand through artistic activities
  • build the first tools to structure their thinking
  • explore the world

A digital learning tracking notebook Je valide :

  • The child participates in his or her evaluation, understands what is expected of him or her and realizes his or her progress.
  • Parents are involved through regular and positive communication around their child’s learning and progress.

An individual summary of learning is given to parents at the end of the cycle (GS).

  • It formalizes what their child knows how to do at the end of his/her schooling at the nursery school.
  • This summary helps to prepare serenely for the entry to CP, the first year of cycle 2, with the child’s future teachers.