Vie Scolaire

The Vie Scolaire department handles all the moments of the day when students are in school but not in class.

It is a team consisting of a principal educational advisor (CPE conseiller principal d’éducation) and education assistants.

It is also a service in which an education assistant is always available to answer questions from students, families or teachers.

The Vie Scolaire department welcomes and oversees students who do not have class. Students can also access documentation, study materials and digital resources during this time.

The office of the principal education advisor is a space for dialog and mediation.

The missions of the Vie Scolaire department are :

  • To listen to students and their families’ needs.
  • To ensure safety and the respect of collective rules.
  • To monitor students’ absences and lateness in cooperation with families and teachers.
  • To provide information, organize exams…
  • To oversee students’ break time by offering help with homework, playful activities…
  • To organize convivial moments throughout the year in cooperation with the students’ representative bodies : St. Nicholas’s day, Secret Santa, outdoor games, sports tournaments, contests, a night at school…


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