Slovak legislation allows every taxpayer to donate a certain percentage of his or her paid tax to a non-profit organization.

How can you participate in the development of EFIB thanks to your taxes ?

1/ You are an employee :

Before February 15 : : ask your main employer to prepare your Income Tax Return and your Tax Payment Certificate (POTVRDENIE o zaplatení dane).

– Download and fill in the document VYHLÁSENIE o poukázaní podielu (pre-filled with the details of the Association for a French School in Bratislava ; EFIB). Fill in the amount corresponding to 2% (or 3%) of the tax paid (minimum 3€). Do not forget to date and sign it.

By April 30 at the latest : send these 2 documents (POTVRDENIE and VYHLASENIE) to the tax administration body you depend on, or directly to the central office : Daňový úrad Bratislava, Ševčenkova 32, 850 00 Bratislava 5.

– If you would like to inform us about your 2% donation, please check the corresponding box indicating your consent to the transmission of your details to our association.

2/ You are an individual entrepreneur or a company :

Self-employed entrepreneurs can donate up to 2% (or 3%) of their taxes to our institution.

Legal entities (companies) can donate 1% (or 2%) of their taxes.

Before March 31 : : indicate in your tax return, in the section “Vyhlásenie o poukázaní podielu zaplatenej dane”, the contact details of the Association for a French School in Bratislava :

  • IČO / SID : 30846510
  • Obchodné meno / Name : Združenie pre francúzsku školu v Bratislave


We remain at your disposal to answer your questions :

+421 905 887 508


Thank you very much to all those who will be supporting us.

The Management Board of the Association for a French School in Bratislava