Middle school marks the entry of students into secondary education.

The collège is structured over 4 years of schooling :

  • The 6ème – the last year of cycle 3 or the ‘consolidation cycle’,
  • The classes of 5ème, 4ème and 3ème – constitute cycle 4 or ‘cycle des approfondissements’.

The teachings of the French programs are implemented in all subjects.

Slovak as a mother tongue (national programs) and Slovak as a foreign language are taught at all levels.

Each class is accompanied by :

  • A homeroom teacher from the cross-curricular team,
  • A representative from the management team,
  • ‘La Vie Scolaire’ (management of absences, lateness, dissemination of information, supervision, homework assistance, communication with families…)

The students’ multilingual profile and skills are affirmed throughout Middle school.

From the beginning of the 6ème class, all students are required to study an additional foreign language : German or Spanish.

In 5ème, 4ème and 3ème, students also benefit from the teaching of European languages and cultures in English (ELCE).

A consolidation of the French language is implemented in the 6ème and 5ème classes for students who arrived late in the French school curriculum.

During his or her 4 years of college the student also acquires and develops :

  • Effective and engaging work methods,
  • A shared culture,
  • Critical thinking, judgment, and commitment.

The Middle school curriculum leads to a diploma :

  • The Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) allows students both to be confronted for the first time with real exams and to take into account the validation of skills and knowledge acquired over cycle 4.
  • The Testovanie 9 is obtained in accordance with the expectations of the Slovak Ministry of Education in the last year of “Fundamental School”.


100% of EFIB students obtained the DNB and a distinction in June 2021 :

  • “Assez Bien” (Fair): 15%,
  • “Bien” (Good): 23%
  • “Très Bien” (Very Good): 62%.


After Middle school, students can continue their education at EFIB and prepare for the Baccalauréat.


How is the education in Middle school conducted? Education in Middle school.