These meetings are the privileged places for dialogue and exchanges in a constructive and collaborative approach.

Their attributions and functions are defined by the AEFE circular.

Elections are organized by the school administration after the start of each school year to appoint student, parent and staff representatives.

Contact for elected parent representatives :

The official minutes of the meetings are sent to their members and are available on the digital spaces with individual authentication.


Committees involving elected representatives of students, parents and staff

  • The School Council

This is the main decision-making body of the school, competent for all matters concerning pedagogical and educational issues.

It generally meets 3 times a year.

The head of the diplomatic post or his representative sits on it with voting rights.

Representatives of the management committee and the advisors of the French abroad are invited.

The functioning and attributions of the school council are detailed here.


  • The Secondary School Council

This committee prepares the work of the school council for the Middle and High schools and meets at least twice a year.


  • The Council for Middle and High school

It is a place to listen, discuss and make proposals for 2nd grade students and all issues related to the conditions of life in the school :

    • Organization of schooling and school time,
    • Development of internal regulations and the school project,
    • Equipment of the school, facilities for student life, catering,
    • Health, hygiene and safety,
    • Organization of personal work and individual support,
    • Organization of linguistic and cultural exchanges in partnership with European or foreign educational institutions,
    • Organization of sports, cultural and extracurricular activities,
    • Improvement of well-being and school climate,
    • Promotion of participatory practices,
    • Implementation of educational pathways Middle school,
    • Guidance and college information in high school,
    • Training for student representatives.


  • The School Community Health and Safety Commission

This commission meets twice a year and includes a representative of the management committee.

It is consulted on the following areas :

    • Health and safety of the educational community,
    • Implementation of training initiatives for members of the educational community in the area of health and safety,
    • Compliance and monitoring for all legal provisions in the area of health and safety,
    • Review of fire or intrusion risk drills,
    • Security measures taken in conjunction with the diplomatic post and the AEFE.

Other instances include

  • Student delegate councils (1st and 2nd levels),
  • The teachers’ council (1st level),
  • The pedagogical council (2nd level),
  • Cycle councils (cycles 1, 2 and 3),
  • The school-collège council (cycle 3),
  • The educational committee,
  • The disciplinary council (2nd level),
  • The continuous education unit,
  • The commission relating to hygiene, safety and working conditions of personnel, with the presence of a member of the management committee,
  • The human resources commission for local law staff, where a member of the management committee also sits.