The Kindergarten is a school for the development of language.

At the French International School of Bratislava, the child reinforces his or her mother tongue, learns French and experiences multilingualism. 

Children are welcomed from the age of 3 (born in 2019 to the beginning of the school year 2022) to 5 (born in 2017 to the beginning of the school year 2022), including non-French speaking children

Kindergarten is a welcoming school. 

It is based on play, handling, discovery, and exploration.

Kindergarten stimulates sensory, motor, cognitive and social development.

Children develop the desire to learn, to grow with others and to assert their personality.

Children begin to learn to read, write, count, and respect others.

The first years of schooling establish the educational and pedagogical foundations of the curriculum.

Learning in Elementary school, especially in French, builds on the knowledge acquired in Kindergarten.

The link created between the school and the parents is fundamental.

It accompanies the student throughout his or her schooling.

What does a day in kindergarten look like? A day in kindergarten.