Students enter elementary school the year they turn 6.

Elementary school takes place over 5 years of schooling :

  • “Cours Préparatoire” (CP – 1st grade) “Cours Élémentaire 1ère année” (CE1 – 2nd grade) and “Cours Élémentaire 2ème année” (CE2 – 3rd grade). These 3 years correspond to cycle 2. 2.
  • “Cours Moyen 1ère année” (CM1 – 4th grade) and “Cours Moyen 2ème année” (CM2 – 5th grade) . These are the first 2 years of cycle 3.


The teaching of French and in French is given by an experienced and multi-skilled French teacher. He or she organizes the different areas of learning according to the programs and timetables prescribed by the French National Education.

The diversity of the students, some of whom speak little or no French, is accommodated through FlSco (French as a Language of Instruction) program for non-native speakers.


Native speakers of Slovak are taught by a qualified Slovak teacher who follows the curriculum prescribed by the Slovak National Education.


Other students are taught Slovak as a foreign language by a bilingual teacher who provides them with appropriate instruction.


The mastery of the French language and the Slovak language (native speakers) is carried out in parallel for the young students. The objectives of these two languages are to learn to read, understand and express themselves orally and in writing.

Non-native speakers of French obtain the DELF Prim diploma in CM1.

Students who study Slovak as their mother tongue take the Testovanie 5 in CM2.

English language learning, which began in the last year of kindergarten, continues and is reinforced throughout elementary school under the responsibility of a native teacher.

The first principles of mathematics, respect for others, and exposure to the world (scientific, artistic, digital, physical education and sports…) are also priorities throughout Middle school.

In Elementary school, mental arithmetic is practised daily for at least 15 minutes and reading and writing for at least 2.5 hours spread over the day’s various subjects. A daily physical activity of 30 minutes is also provided.

What does a day in Elementary school look like? Day in Elementary school.