Integration of non-French speaking students

In our Kindergarten (2 to 5 years old), a majority of students are allophone.

Our educational team is fluent in both French and Slovak. This allows them to adapt the learning to each student throughout the 3 or 4 years they spend in Kindergarten.


The French International School of Bratislava also welcomes students whose native language is not French in all levels of Elementary school (6 to 10 years old).

This integration closely involves the families.

A schooling project is defined and shared between the families and the school.

Non-French speaking students have access to a special program during the last year of Kindergarten and in Elementary school.

This program is defined with the class teacher and a specialized FLSco teacher (French as education language).


FLSco teachers help allophone students acquire their first knowledge of French.

They help them to communicate and give them linguistic tools to integrate their class.

FLSco sessions are usually in small groups from 2 to 4 students.

This help is offered during class time, outside the classroom or through direct intervention in the classroom.

The progress of students following the FLSco program is regularly assessed by the class teacher and the FLSco teacher.

The FLSco program evolves during the first schooling year as well as during the schooling cycle.


Outside school, it is strongly recommended that students maintain their French, especially during school holidays , by means adapted to their age : books, videos, language stays…

The French Institute of Slovakia, our partner institution, provides pedagogical and cultural services which can be complementary to our offer at the French International School of Bratislava.