Education in High school

The High school programs consolidate the knowledge acquired in Middle school and provide the keys to understanding the world through the construction of a common literary, historical, humanistic and scientific culture.

They are based on theoretical concepts to help students understand, construct rigorous reasoning, exercise their critical thinking skills and consolidate their civic education.

The lessons encourage mastering the language and the development of oral skills, notably through the practice of reasoning.

The learning process alternates between :

  • time for research, activity, experimentation,
  • time for dialogue and exchange, verbalization, reasoning,
  • experimental practice and scientific modelling activities.

The teaching is divided in the final cycle between :

  • compulsory lessons : general lessons and specialized lessons chosen by the students,
  • optional courses.

Specialty and optional courses are set up according to the number of students who choose them.

The regulated CNED offer can complement that of the establishment, if necessary.

The school offers the 6 most chosen specialty courses in France :

Students choose their specialty courses based on their interest in the disciplines and their academic results in those fields, but also based on their plans for higher education.

The choice of the three specialties is made at the end of the 2nde.

The specialty subject not pursued in Terminale is decided at the end of Première.

During the three years of high school, numerous activities are developed with a view to orientation : individualized interviews, conferences, job fairs, meetings, AGORA World platform, mini-internships, etc.

In the final year of high school, students are given extra support to find their way around France via the Parcoursup platform, and internationally.

The Pronote application provides students and families with: timetables, grades, validation of skills, homework, educational content, etc.

French school reports are published on Pronote every trimester.

The French school reports are published on Pronote every semester in 6ème, 5ème and 4ème and every trimester from 3ème.